Rules For Companions
16 Mayıs 2019

Rules For Companions

1- In our hospital, children aged 0-14 years, patients above 75 years of age are not considered as companions except for patients with mental health problems.

2- The patient is determined by the Clinical Responsible Nurse and is limited to a companion.

3- A companion card is provided for the companion and the companions must wear this card.

4 - infection ward should be taken from floor secretary.

5-Companions should not do any application for the patient except for the physician and nurse knowledge.

6- The companions should not be in the rooms at the time of the visit and during medical visits.

7- Companions should not be changed frequently, and if the change is compulsory, they must inform the nurse of the clinic.

8-Companions should not bring any drink or food to patient without consulting the doctor or nurse.

9-In order to provide a peaceful environment for our patients, the patients and their relatives should not speak loudly and should not make noise in the patient room and corridors

10-Attendant must use the items of the hospital carefully

11- Companions cannot be found in Intensive Care Unit

12-The companions must follow all the rules of the hospital.