Special education and research on 21 December 2001 by the Ministry of Health

was the first and only private branch education hospital in the field of Orthopedics and Traumatology in our country.


Our hospital is a Orthopedics and Traumatology with a Hand Surgery is located 2 training clinic including clinical in these clinics 4 Lecturer, 4 Training Officer, 20 Orthopedics, 9 Chief intern and 3 services with Hand Surgery subspecialty residents are in progress. Currently, 34 Specialist Students are studying in the Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic.



1-Orthopedics and Traumatology Training Clinic:

• Spine Surgery Group


• Tumor Surgery Group


• There are three groups: Child Orthopedics and Deformity Group.


2- Hand Surgery Training Clinic:


The Hand Surgery Clinic was established on 26 January 2012; 26 August 2011 as the first clinical priorities for Hand Surgery patients (hand, wrist and responsible for the treatment of upper extremity surgical and non-surgical diseases) has started its activities with the aim of serving.


Outside of the training clinics, polyclinic services are provided in 21 different branches and 43 expert physicians are working. In addition, there are 15 specialist physicians in Anesthesiology and Basic Sciences.


In our hospital with 130 normal beds, 6 Intensive Care Beds and 7 Operating Rooms, 700 hospitalized patients, 900 operations, 7000 Emergency Outpatient Clinics and 46.000 Normal Outpatient Clinics are provided.


In addition, our hospital Motion Analysis Laboratory, sports medicine unit enrich the scientific identification and surgical navigation system with 3D Scope and expands the range of services.

Central Sterilization Units


The central sterilization unit of our hospital is equipped with modern devices and serves in the new place. It provides services for 24 hours a day by trained personnel. 

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