Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation
10 Mayıs 2019


All diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation are applied by expert personnel using modern technological devices and systems.

4 physicians, 7 physiotherapists, 1 nurse, 1 secretary and 2 masseurs work this field.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation  services are provided only by the doctors of PTR who are hodpitalized in orthopedics and traumatology clinics.

In our unit, there are doctors examination rooms, waiting room, exercise room, massage and physical therapy room. There are 2 massage beds and a massage chair in the massage room.

Neck and low back pain, shoulder pain, knee and other joint pain, rheumatic diseases, orthopedic operations after rehabilitation, treatment of a pain after fracture, fibromyalgia, sports injuries and osteoposis diagnosis and treatment are carried out in PTR unit.

  • Uz. Dr. Sebahat AYDİL :
  • Uzm. Dr.Fatma Merih AKPINAR
  • Uz.Dr. Çiğdem ARİFOĞLU 


  • Uz. Dr. Güliz ALTOPARLAK:
  • Uzm. Dr.Nafiye YAKIŞIKLI