Sports Medicine Center
16 Mayıs 2019

Sports medicine  polyclinic in our hospital began to serve on 16 May 2011.

Sports medicine is concerned with diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and disorders associated with exerise and physical activity at all levels.It is an area that Works with other medical branches.

In our polyclinic, promarily for all sporsts or professional athletes, services given are:

Health screening before the start of sports,

Orientation to sports,

Performance improvement,

Athlete’s nutrition,

Dpoing and ergogenic aid,

Sports psychology of athletes

Treatment and protection from injury after sports injuries,

Adult and pediatric sports traumatology,

Athlete’s health

Personalized exercise programs for musculoskeletal problems identified by physical measurements of the athlete,

After sports surgery, services related to home programs fors port rehabilitation are provided for fast return to normal activity and sport.

As in the world, sport has become the field of interest of more and more people in our country. But many misuderstodd movements damage the body more than the benefit At this point, health checks should be mad efor those who want to start sports.


In our polyclinic we hame isokinetic test system and ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) device.



  • Doç Dr. Tolga SAKA
  • Uz. Dr. Canan GÖNEN AYDIN: