Nutrition And Diet
10 Mayıs 2019


Our department of nutrition and diet provides services in clinical and polyclinic areas.

Obesity, which is increasing rapidly in our country, is a disease which has damages to musculoskeletal system. Achieving the ideal weight in obese people, especially surgery is a great benefit in the recovery of people who are at risk.

It will help the operation to be more comfortable in surgery and to achieve the desired result in the best way after the surgery and to improve the quality of life. Patients who come to our polyclinic and have spesific nutritional programs are called for control at regular intervals. Our polyclinic serves every weekday between 09:00-12:00 AM and 12:00-16:00 PM.

Appointments are given by the Patients Information Department in the palace building. No appointments are made by phone.


Dt. Gül Özlem ERTÜRK: